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Georgia CNS uses Nursing Network to connect with their members and followers.

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Benefits of Membership

  • GCNS provides a membership with CAPRN that serves as a “Legislative Arm” of your APRN Organization…Crafting the all important ‘OneVoice’ messaging with your input for GA APRNs on legislative issues.
  • Access to Professional Lobbyist Representation CAPRN is “Bundler” of sorts as APRN organizations come together to retain a paid professional Lobbyist to represent APRN interests year round in the Georgia Legislature. When you are an Organizational Member of CAPRN, the CAPRN Lobbyist if YOUR Lobbyist.
  • Legislative Education and Advocacy Opportunities…how to connect with your legislators and encouraging APRNs to become familiar with the political process, be at the table, and even consider running for office.

Other Benefits:

  • Educational presentations
  • Legislative voice
  • State CNS networking